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Issue No. 411 March 2017

Minister’s Word

A view from Police Minister Paula Bennett

Last month we announced a package that will see 1,125 new police staff. I’m so proud of this announcement – now comes the hard work of recruitment.

Police Minister Paula Bennett

As you may be aware, I’m also Minister for Women.

So I thought I’d use International Women’s Day (8 March) to highlight some of the great achievements of women within Police – and to encourage you to get recruiting the strong, capable women in your lives.

Last year marked 75 years of women joining Police – and there’s been so much achieved during that time.

Police has some fantastic female leaders including three on your Executive leadership team and four in District Commander roles.

But while we have a number of great female leaders, only 31 per cent of Police staff are women – I think we can do much better than that.

The other night I watched an episode of Women in Blue.

It’s great to have this back on our screens and to see some of the amazing work of our women officers highlighted.

Last weekend Police Wing 130 had their 25th reunion.

In 1992, the Edna Pearce Wing became the first to have 50 percent women, and more women than men graduated.

But 25 years on I understand this is still the only wing to have had more women graduate than men. There are still 12 serving women from that group, one of whom is a District Commander.

Police officers themselves are our best recruiters. I’d love to be able to say next International Women’s Day that we’ve had another wing with more female graduates than men.

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