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Issue No. 411 March 2017

College prepares for influx

The Royal New Zealand Police College (RNZPC) is getting ready for an increase in recruit numbers once the first of the extra 880 police officers begins training later this year.

Members of Wing 302, who left the RNZPC last month.

Prime Minister Bill English announced last month that Police would get 880 extra constabulary staff over the four years from July, as well as an extra 245 non-constabulary staff.

The additional officers will be deployed across all 12 Police districts, and the Police Executive is presently devising a process for determining exactly how they will be allocated.

In the meantime, RNZPC Acting General Manager Training Phill Weeks says the College is preparing the ground for the influx in numbers that will be required to train an average of 220 more Police a year over the next four years.

There is also a need to increase associated training capacity elsewhere in Police.

“We have set up a project to drive planning for the increase in recruit numbers, which not only impacts on the RNZPC but also downstream training in districts, such as developing the leadership capability to support growth.

“There will be opportunities for staff leading prevention in districts to take up key roles at the RNZPC to support the increase.”

In the last financial year, the average wing size at the college was 40 recruits. Phill says the College is developing the capacity to take 80 recruits in each wing.

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