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Issue No. 410 February 2017

Minister’s Word

A view from Police Minister Paula Bennett

Police Minister Paula Bennett

A very happy New Year to all of you. I hope that some of you have managed to take a bit of a break over the festive season.

To those of you who’ve been working during this hectic time, special thanks to you for keeping us safe this silly season.

I’d like to acknowledge my hardworking colleague Judith Collins who has been an outstanding Police Minister, and I look forward to continuing and building on her excellent work in this portfolio.

I have huge respect for our police and the valuable work you do preventing crime and putting victims at the heart of policing.

I’m absolutely delighted to have been given this portfolio by our Prime Minister, and as Minister you will have my full support. I’m ready to get stuck in.

Law and order is as important as ever to New Zealanders and it’s an issue this Government takes seriously.

You do an incredible job preventing harm in our communities, but you’re also very often the first responders to unfortunate and horrific accident scenes, and I want to recognise your ongoing commitment in reducing trauma on our roads.

I’m looking forward to travelling around the country to meet as many of you as possible, and getting across the challenges you tackle every day on the frontline. I have great admiration for the work you do, and I’m keen to help make New Zealand the safest country in the world.

I look forward to working with you all over the coming year.

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