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Issue No. 410 February 2017

Centre to promote evidence base

New Zealand Police, the University of Waikato and ESR are joining forces to establish a world-class research centre for Evidence Based Policing (EBP) in Wellington.

Letters of Intent to form partnerships and establish a research centre have been signed. The centre will be a showcase for EBP and is expected to draw visitors from around the world.

“The Centre for Evidence Based Policing and the work it produces will, I know, prove to be a valuable resource and help us improve trust and confidence with the public,” says Commissioner Mike Bush. “Evidence will help us understand what works, what counts and what matters.”

DCE Strategy Mark Evans and Darren Walton, Director of Research and Evaluation, look over potential premises.

Researchers from partner organisations will work alongside Police on research projects based on our key priorities, for example victims, Maori and road policing.

The centre will be complemented by a hub at the Royal New Zealand Police College (RNZPC).

A website that all Police staff will be able to access is also being developed and the centre is expected to open this year.

EBP is one of the workstreams of Policing Excellence the Future.

It ensures strategy, operations and tactics are based on the best possible evidence to guide and inform staff, providing better outcomes for Police, the public and the government.

It is the principle underlying the annual Problem Oriented Policing (POP) awards, won in 2016 by a North Canterbury team which found success in changing the behaviour of men involved in family violence.

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