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Issue No. 410 February 2017

Holiday haiku hit the spot


to our Holiday Haiku

competition stars.

Sam Hunt launched the competition in December.

Police teamed up with Z Energy and ACC to challenge people to write a haiku – a non-rhyming three-line poem of five, seven and five syllables – to promote road safety during the summer holiday.

Over eight weeks three weekly winners were selected and, from those 24, Kiwi poet Sam Hunt - who helped launch the competition - selected his favourite five.

Sam says the standard of entries was good, with some real unexpected gems – and he is hopeful the competition could save lives.

“Poetry has a strange way of working,” he says.

“So often a line, or a phrase, will come to mind. It can even become a kind of mantra - an echo you can’t get out of your mind.

“So many of the thoughts and ideas within these haiku do just that.

“And who knows, it could be a simple phrase - like SLOW DOWN, MAN! -that, literally, makes a speeding driver think again.That, alone, would make the competition worth its while. A haiku, a line, a simple phrase, could save lives.”

Helen Flannery, of Public Affairs, who worked with Road Policing on the campaign, says the competition was an innovative way to start a conversation about road safety at the high-risk period over the holidays.

“It really seems to have captured people’s imaginations, with around 1000 entries. Thanks to all who entered, and to our partners at Z Energy and ACC.”

The final five each receive a gift hamper and Z Energy vouchers. All 24 weekly winners are listed on the Z Energy website z.co.nz.

A competition for Police staff only was won by Graham Morgan, of Canterbury District Investigation Support Unit.

The winning six:

I’m tiki touring
East Cape in all its glory.
Sun, sand, whanau fun!
Stacey Reeves, Gisborne

Summer rays of sun
shine warmest on the living.
Don’t speed life away
Shaz Davis, Oxford

Chillin’ in the sun.
Balls bounce, bikes fall, kids don’t look.
Slow down, keep them safe
Michelle Huggell, Whangarei

blossoms falling gently down.
Red Christmas slippers
Karen Wilson, Napier

Winding country roads.
Taking summer easy as.
Savour the sun’s kiss
Vicky Nixon, Ashburton

Our people, our roads
Special place for all to go
Get there safe – you know
Graham Morgan, Canterbury DHQ

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